How to Reverse the Diabetes with the Weight Loss Diet Plan?

Satvik Ahar
2 min readMay 24, 2021

Diabetes is the disease in which glucose takes long time to reach your cells from your blood. Hence, sugar increases in the blood, called it blood sugar. This glucose we get from our food and insulin hormone released by the pancreas helps this to reach our cells from blood.

How Does a Weight-loss Diet-plan help in Diabetes?

Weight Loss Diet Plan

It is surprising but true that a weight-loss diet plan can support diabetes management. Many times we eat without feeling hunger. But sometimes missing portions or necessary nutrition also causes diabetes. Eating many times a day becomes a reason for rapid weight gain. Also, eating fat-containing a diet in excess can lead to diabetes to a critical condition.

Obesity and Diabetes Relationship


People with overweight are in high risk of developing the Diabetes. Mainly, it causes type-2 diabetes which is also known as insulin- resistant Diabetes.

Mainly in obese people, cells of the tissues have to process more nutrient than they can do. This causes stress to cells that releases a protein known as cytokines. This protein blocks the signals of insulin receptors, that makes the cells to insulin resistant.

It is quite difficult to control the level of blood sugar in obese people. Indian diet chart for diabetic patients is perfect for losing extra weight. This diet chart contains suitability options for all.

A Diabetic Diet Plan to Lose Weight includes fiber-rich portions, which are good to fight diabetes. Before taking any diabetic diet-plan the experts’ suggestion is a must. Experts will first of all test your diabetes type. Diet plans for overweight patients are effective in type 2 diabetes. Customized diet plans with reliable sources will cater better results.

So, let’s start the Diabetes Diet plan today. You will see amazing changes in your blood sugar levels.

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