Is the Ayurvedic Diet Right for Weight Loss

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Excessive weight and obesity are one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, strokes, heart disease, and diabetes. Stay vigilant and get an Ayurvedic Diet Plan for Weight Loss in case you are putting on extra weight. Stop adding extra calories and lower the risk of inflammation and malignancy in your body.

Ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss

Concentrate on your diet and don’t forget to include physical activity in your daily routine. Physical movement helps get rid of the fats sticking to the body. Improve your health status by exercising. Welcome to the world of fitness and a smart body!

Why should “right food” be our choice

Why should we make healthy food our best friend? The food contains nutrients, minerals, and essential vitamins that are very beneficial for the body. They help rejuvenate the cells and improve the functioning of the organs. Do you consume chemicals more than food every day to stay slim? Beware, eat right and get rid of calories rather than load your body with chemicals. Take an Ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss!

1) The fact is that we become what we eat. Don’t reach out for that medicine bottle to gain energy or slim down. The toxins and chemicals will increase toxicity levels in your body and weaken you from inside. Just eat right to shape up and boost your sagging immunity at the same time.

2) Make Food your daily medicine because it has curative properties when taken properly. Diet and digestion influence metabolic functioning and keep the body healthy.

3) People who take a healthy diet improve their overall health and stay protected from diseases to a great extent. There are certain foods that you may need to avoid if you want to lose weight confirm the principles of Ayurveda. Consult an Ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss or read more about an ayurvedic diet plan for losing weight.

4) Everybody has different needs and we need to understand our body type to stay well and slim. A skilled Ayurvedic dietician can guide you on the right path. Take a consultation before you start popping your favorite foods into your mouth. They may not be right for you. Learn more about the foods that keep you away from diseases and help you shed excess weight.

Is it tough to shed weight?

Whenever you are on the weight loss spree, the body triggers certain biological mechanisms and one of them is — slowing down the basal metabolic rate drastically. Your body frame starts getting chubbier and flabbier. Our body refuses to shed weight! Don’t lose hope, continue physical activity. your weight loss struggle has just begun. Eat sensibly according to a reliable diet plan.

Why do we gain weight again and again?

1) Many of us exercise frequently and vent out energy but we eat badly. We do not follow a recommended diet plan for weight loss. We consume more calories than losing them. An imbalance is created and we end up fat and shapeless. Our physical activity does not compensate for the extra kilograms we add to our frame. Energetic and calming yoga with an Ayurvedic diet plan for losing weight is the best way out!

2) You will gain weight if you skip breakfast and hog at lunch. A good diet plan for weight loss will assist you to understand healthy foods for your body.

3) Extra Carbs and lack of sufficient protein disturbs weight control. When you increase proteins and lift weights, you will get a smart and svelte slim shape.

4) You can keep a weighing machine in your bathroom to keep a check. This will induce feelings of guilt whenever you reach out for that sugary soda and slice of pizza.

5) Excessive stress also leads to weight gain because many of us end up binge eating in stressful times. We are unable to manage the emotional upheaval and end up eating food as solace in these testing times. Natural foods and a diet plan for losing weight can help you shed extra calories, go for it!

While you aggressively start your “weight losing” campaign don’t forget to take a consultation with an Ayurvedic dietician for an Ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss. They can guide you properly and you can follow a diet based on Ayurvedic principles. Mindful nutrition and a balanced lifestyle will help you keep that rising weight under control.

What is an Ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss about

Diet Plan for weight loss

Most of us take diet plans as a punishment. We feel we will be deprived of food and will have to go hungry. But this is not so! A Diet Plan for Weight Loss can be customized according to different body types and medical conditions. We promise you that you will get plenty of chances to satisfy your taste buds.

Our hectic schedules, demanding social life, and constant competitive corporate and interpersonal relationships leave our bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually imbalanced. We need to understand the harmful effects of the daily diet we follow. This way we can embrace the new recommended ayurvedic diet plan for weight loss suggested by an expert.

Your diet needs to include foods that contain fewer calories and are immune system boosters also. You need a one-stop solution to stay free from illnesses and feel strong. You need to remain energetic, healthy, and shaped at the same time!

You need to rely on “Satvikahar”! This indicates that food has immense healing power and is no less than medicine. The essential nutrients in food are sufficient to deal with the various diseases that attack our bodies.

Best way to maintain shape:

1) Eat a healthy well-balanced diet and don’t load yourself on trans fats and fried foods.

2) Do yoga to burn those stubborn calories. Keep an hour aside to mold and sculpt your shape. Stick to your daily exercise schedule.

3) Reduce portions and reduce refined flour and white sugar. Say a no to candies and other sweets. Avoid food additives, preservatives, and processed meals, etc as they are loaded with toxins.

4) Maintain a diet chart and calculate calories

5) Sleep and rest well

6) Don’t lose motivation even if you face setbacks in your “lose weight journey”

A diet for weight loss normally includes Triphala (amla, bibhitaki, haritaki),Guggul, Kalonji, and Vijayasar extracts. Other weight loss remedies suggested in Ayurveda may include aloe vera, pepper, punarnava, cabbage horse gram, ajwain, and ginger garlic lemon.

The human body needs to balance Vata, pitta, and Kapha. These are three types of energy present in the body. The most dominant energy decides the body type and constitution. The food or ayurvedic diet for weight loss recommended by an ayurvedic practitioner should correspond with your body type or dosha. Don’t go judging your doshas by yourself, take the assistance from Satvikahar now!



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